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Who the heck am I, anyway?

I’ve leaned into my creative tendencies pretty much all my life.

As soon as I could grip a pencil, I was doodling and sketching and drawing. Not long after that, I was crafting stories to accompany those images. My earliest honest-to-goodness career aspiration was to be a comic book creator.

Years passed and those interests broadened. In college I earned degrees in commercial art and computer animation. Over the course of my career I’ve been an advertising designer, a graphic artist, a photojournalist and a video producer, among other things.

I’ve continued to lean into creative tendencies.

I’m able to draw on many of these skills and experiences in my current role as a content producer.

But in recent years, outside of my nine-to-five, I’ve returned to the comics and cartoons that first inspired me and continue to do so.

It’s my goal to make this website a hub for my original comics and illustrative works. I will curate select works from other areas of my career in the portfolio, as well, but overall I want this iteration of to consist of pen and ink and word balloons.

I hope you enjoy them.

Thanks for stopping by.


Lagoon Toons

“Lagoon Toons,” sometimes referred to as “Marty and Friends,” has been an occasional comic series since approximately 2013. Manatees, dolphins and other lagoon and sea creatures are common sights when you live in southeast Florida. Over the years, I found myself doodling them more and more in notebooks and sketchbooks. Early iterations of the characters took on an “editorial cartoon” appearance, due to the environmental and political issues surrounding our Indian River Lagoon. But the style and tone of the comics have evolved over the years. See “Lagoon Toons” here.

Before “Lagoon Toons,” there were…

“Lucie and Friends” comics were created as part of an advertising campaign circa 2000 with St. Lucie County Waste Management to help educate children about recycling. See “Lucie and Friends” here.


“Uomo Universale” (Renaissance Man) was my first comic strip in the style of newspaper strips. Prior to this, my comics were always in comic book or graphic novel format. This series appeared in a free monthly local arts publication, “Scene.” This series appeared circa 1996-ish. At the time in my life I was studying art history, reading a lot of “Non Sequitur” and “The Far Side” and I worked for a national toy retailer. You can find examples of all of these things in this strip. See “Uomo Universale” here.

Want to see some of my other work?