disaster relief

What can we do?


Our friends in the Lagoon took an unexpected break for a couple of weeks. Part of that delay (but not all of it) was due to my family and I preparing for the potential impact of Hurricane Dorian. We live on the southeast coast of Florida, which remained in the "cone of uncertainty" for much of the days leading up to the storm. Ultimately, we were fortunate to only get a little inclement weather as it stayed offshore. While we were able to breathe a sigh of relief, though, we know that a lot of people -- especially those in the Bahamas -- were not nearly as lucky.

In the days since, there have been a lot of efforts by a lot of different people and organizations to send supplies and relief to the Bahamian people, and it's desperately needed. If you're unsure how you can help, you might consider donating to the Red Cross. In addition to Dorian, the Red Cross provides relief to people affected by disasters big and small. 

Learn more at redcross.org.