What can we do?


Our friends in the Lagoon took an unexpected break for a couple of weeks. Part of that delay (but not all of it) was due to my family and I preparing for the potential impact of Hurricane Dorian. We live on the southeast coast of Florida, which remained in the "cone of uncertainty" for much of the days leading up to the storm. Ultimately, we were fortunate to only get a little inclement weather as it stayed offshore. While we were able to breathe a sigh of relief, though, we know that a lot of people -- especially those in the Bahamas -- were not nearly as lucky.

In the days since, there have been a lot of efforts by a lot of different people and organizations to send supplies and relief to the Bahamian people, and it's desperately needed. If you're unsure how you can help, you might consider donating to the Red Cross. In addition to Dorian, the Red Cross provides relief to people affected by disasters big and small. 

Learn more at redcross.org. 

Marty the cosplaying manatee


Comic Con is this weekend, and Marty’s been hard at work at his cosplay lineup. Are you going to San Diego for the big show? If so, what — or who — are you most excited to see? I’ll be living vicariously through social media :)

Drawing Lagoon Toons: Art Vlog edition

In a recent comic, one of Marty’s pals decided he wanted to start an art vlog. So here’s an art vlog - sort of - showing some of the process creating that strip. Enjoy!

People do love a good list


People love a good list on the internet. And apparently, Marty does too!

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Art Vlog!


Mullet's been watching a bunch of artist vlogs lately, and he REALLY wants to make them, too. And sometimes, in our excitement to make a thing, we forget one key ingredient...

So basically, Mullet is me. I did a couple of rough "artist vlog" type video tests on my YouTube channel, but quickly discovered that I don't have the same personality for it as some of the creators I watch. And that's okay. I may not churn out daily or weekly vlog style content, but occasionally I'll have an idea and produce something around it.