What's in a name, anyway?


I noticed something interesting while working on this comic this year. I rarely named any of the characters. I think it was during a convention when I blurted the first name I could think of -- Marty -- for our main manatee protagonist. Another character became known as Chester at some point, but I was not set on any names going into this series.

I don't really know why.

But I began to use "Marty" pretty regularly. And then a funny thing happened along the way: I started seeing other manatees named Marty in other places. (I guess it was a pretty good name for a sea cow, after all!)

And that observation led to these last two comics. And these will be the last "Lagoon Toons" comics for a little while. Inktober is coming up, and I have a couple of ideas for other stories I'd like to try and tell after that. So I decided to let these characters have a little vacation. I will revisit them on occasion, which seems only fitting for a batch of characters who, prior to this year, were only seen once in a while.

Thank you for tagging along, and I hope you've enjoyed the exploits and musings of a manatee and his pals.