I’ve had creative tendencies pretty much all my life.

As soon as I could grip a pencil, I would sketch and doodle and draw. Not long after I began to write my own stories to accompany those pictures. Creating comic books was my earliest, honest-to-goodness career aspiration that I thought was attainable.

Over the years, however, my skills and experiences broadened. Life led me to degrees in graphic design and computer animation. My career path afforded me the opportunities to be a photojournalist, video producer and news page designer at different stages of my life.

I draw on all of these experiences — and more — in my profession as a content producer. But outside of my nine-to-five, I’ve begun returning to the world of comics and cartoons that first inspired me so long ago and have continued to do so today.

My goal is to use this website to host those original comics and cartoons. Hopefully it becomes the hub of my illustrative work.

I’ll also curate some of my other professional work here in my portfolio, as there’s a bunch of content in those spaces that I’m proud of.

But mostly for this iteration of ChristopherArnoldDesigns.com, I’ll see you in the funny papers.

Thanks for stopping by.